i swear i had my last watch when i was 10.
it was made of glitter and rhinestone dust and rainbow pony poo.
and hell, i wore the shit out of it.
this one from Triwa is the opposite i guess, and i love it.
anyway, i am off  to ebay now,
bidding on the refused tamagotchi watch of my dreams.

love you kiddos.

watch via bloggerswardrobe by Triwa (thanks so much fellas!)


Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh!The watch is gorgeous!
xxoo Lina

Adele said...

Hilarious, love the watch!
Would love you to stop by & check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab weekend xoxo
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Lauren Williams said...

Haha, I haven't had a watch in so long either. This one is great though!

xx lauren

Vienna Wedekind said...

wohooo tamagotchi - that’s such a childhood memory. everyone clicking the hell out of their virtual dogs/dinosaurs/cats/hamsters! What a decade!

Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind

Jessica W said...

Haha I'm the same. Never really thought about watches.
This is gorge though <3

The Lovelorn

Fabliha said...

I think I've only recently taken to watches too. This watch is stunning

Opposite lipstick said...


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